15. June 2022

Green production cannot be realized without digitalization

PTA presents digital approaches for sustainable production at the 14th Network Forum

On 28. It’s that time again on June 28, 2022: numerous companies and representatives from research and science will meet for the 14th Network Forum at Mafinex. Network Forum at the Mafinex in Mannheim. The forum takes place regularly on the initiative of the Smart Production network, Germany’s only community-driven platform for the digitalization of production. It unites around 50 innovative start-ups, medium-sized companies, global players and scientific institutions from IT and production to form an innovation cluster in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region that is as efficient as it is strong in terms of implementation and is driving forward digitization in the region. In its 14. At the 14th edition of the forum, everything revolves around the topic of “Green Production” – because Sustainability is not feasible without digitalization. As a permanent member of the expert network, PTA IT-Beratung, in the person of Dr. Frank Gredel, Head of Business Development, is contributing a specialistpresentation on the topic of “Green Coding” . In addition, best practices in the CRM environment will be presented on the Smart Production Demonstrator, a simulator that illustrates the processes in a digital factory.

Green coding or the path to sustainable software development

Around the globe, manufacturing companies in particular have to achieve sustainability targets. Very few people have their software development in mind because they probably have no idea how great the optimization and savings potentials in this area are. However, the CO2 emissions caused by digitalization in 2021 amount to four percent of global emissions, and the trend is rising. Experts estimate that this proportion will be 40 percent by 2040; Against this background, Dr. Frank Gredel explains in his presentation that it is far too short-sighted to focus the topic of green IT – which has been discussed for some time – only on the optimization of hardware and data centers, mostly in the cloud. This is because a good 55 percent of the underlying emissions are caused by the software used. Examples from various coding areas show best practices and illustrate how energy-efficient programming can be achieved. At the end of the presentation, approaches developed by the PTA, such as an energy benchmark monitor, will be presented;

CRM processes in the digital factory

Another focus of the 14th Network Forum will be the live demonstration on the Smart Production Demonstrator. This serves as a model of a factory of the future that is digitalized throughout. Machines and systems are networked and communicate with each other. This time, the PTA experts will specialize in their demo on how CRM processes run on the SAP C4C Customer Experience Platform and NEXOVI, the digital video consulting assistantdeveloped by PTA’s IT consultants. They provide a good example of how transparent, integrated processes from the store floor to customer service can literally pay off for manufacturing companies.

We will be happy to show you how you can use Green Coding save costs and advise you on the successful digitization of your production:

Dr. Frank Gredel

Head of Business Development

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