10. February 2022

Digital video consulting assistant NEXOVI scores points in car insurance sales

Renowned car manufacturer creates user study

With the digital, interactive video consulting assistant NEXOVI, we open up numerous possibilities for sales departments in companies in a wide range of industries: Products can be skillfully presented and customers receive individually tailored information on all the important questions they need to make a purchase decision. Interactive elements allow customers to decide for themselves which topics they want to find out about, regardless of time and place. A well-known car manufacturer from the premium segment has now conducted a user study among 301 test persons to determine the level of acceptance of NEXOVI when selling car insurance. A key finding of the study is that participants rate the digital video advice assistant very positively – young customers even more positively than older customers.

“One of the sectors with the highest transformation dynamics is without question the automotive industry. It is one of the most innovative sectors, but it will not be sustainable without digitalization. This not only affects the automotive industry as such, but also has an impact on the entire value chain,” says Dr. Tim Walleyo, Managing Director of PTA IT-Beratung, confidently. Acting instead of reacting is the logical recipe for success for a well-known German car manufacturer in the premium segment. With our support, he recently initiated a user study involving 301 test subjects. The central question of the survey: How high is the acceptance of an interactive, digital video advice assistant when selling insurance for the German’s favorite child, the car?

Digital video consulting assistant achieves broad acceptance

Acceptance is above average among all respondents, regardless of age and gender. However, a closer look at these categories reveals deviations. According to the study, younger customers aged between 18 and 40 rate the digital video advice assistant NEXOVI from PTA more positively than customers in the over 41 age cohort. Women cope a little better with the video advice assistant. Only four participants in the overall user study attested to a consistently negative user experience.

NEXOVI scores with efficiency and comprehensibility

In terms of user-friendliness, visualization and quality, the digital video advice assistant scored consistently high marks. A full 79 percent of those surveyed found the advice to be understandable and comprehensible, while 77 percent appreciated the efficiency, precision and speed of digital advice. Broken down into the age cohorts surveyed, the following picture emerges: 86 percent of 18 to 40-year-olds appreciate the comprehensible and uncomplicated advice (74 percent of over 41-year-olds) and 81 percent rate NEXOVI as fast, competent and therefore efficient (65 percent of over 41-year-olds). 72 percent of younger respondents and 56 percent of older respondents consider the video advice assistant to be credible.

Alternative to traditional consulting

Overall, the user study also produced interesting results when the study participants were asked to compare the digital video advice assistant with a traditional online application that provides the same content without advice. 70 percent rated the video and audio support as very helpful. 61 percent of respondents were even of the opinion that they would consult a digital assistant when taking out their next insurance policy.

Another result that is particularly surprising: over half of those surveyed (51 percent) even prefer the interactive video advice assistant to personal advice from an insurance broker. This is despite the fact that the vast majority of 69 percent were aware that they were being advised by an avatar and 52 percent of participants concluded that this did not have a negative impact on the advisory service and a personal approach. A good one in five (21 percent) found digital advice even better. “The results of this market study reinforce our approach. With NEXOVI, we are developing a flexible, quick-to-use and market-oriented tool. The users like it, they save their valuable free time and can get advice around the clock. We are proud of this,” says Dr. Roland Jesse, Head of NEXOVI Product Development at PTA IT-Beratung.

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