6. October 2023

PTA is an official partner of the Mannheim Medical Technology Cluster

IT experts contribute many years of IT industry expertise

The Mannheim-based IT consultancy PTA has agreed a partnership with the Mannheim Medical Technology Cluster. The PTA experts contribute their extensive IT know-how to the network, providing companies and start-ups from the medical technology sector as well as clinics and healthcare centers, but also research institutions, with valuable impetus on how digitalization can reduce the immense pressure for efficiency and innovation in the industry. In this context, the regional Mannheim Medical Technology Cluster not only provides practical support for routine operational issues, but also basic advice on management issues relating to the strategic planning and implementation of the medical technology business. To this end, the cluster in Mannheim is driving forward the networking of companies, start-ups, clinics and research. This includes advice, further training and the provision of development, production, marketing and supply partners in Mannheim and within an hour’s drive. The cluster addresses players in all sub-sectors of the healthcare industry.

Exploiting digitization potential in the healthcare industry

Digitalization is playing an increasingly central role in the healthcare industry in particular. Not least because creative start-ups are entering this sector with innovative solutions and business models. However, access to the healthcare market is often difficult for them because it is highly regulated and the barriers to entry into this attractive market are generally very high for small, young companies and digital start-ups. Innovative ideas are often nipped in the bud as a result. In addition, the pace of digitalization in the healthcare industry still leaves a lot to be desired. However, it is precisely in this sector that better framework conditions for digital offerings and products are so important in view of the challenges posed by the shortage of skilled workers, cost pressure and numerous legal hurdles. The potential that digitalization undoubtedly offers must be implemented in a more agile and consistent manner.

PTA brings many years of IT expertise to the network

In future, interdisciplinary and cross-topic communication between service providers such as doctors and hospitals, but also between diagnostic laboratories and private and statutory health insurance companies as payers, will take place digitally. This development has made a promising start with the Electronic Patient Record (EPR) and the e-prescription. Extensive parts of the digital infrastructure, i.e. both medical and laboratory information systems, medical devices, software-based medical products and communication systems used for billing, must ensure secure and cross-system networking. This interoperability is only ensured through the use of established communication standards such as HL7, IHE profiles and special interfaces. In order to develop and implement such complex IT infrastructures, a broad technical expertise in the interaction within the healthcare system is required on the one hand and detailed IT know-how on the other. The IT experts at PTA have both and are now contributing their wide-ranging knowledge to the Mannheim Medical Technology Cluster. In this way, they make a valuable contribution and support regional companies and start-ups from the medical technology sector as well as clinics, healthcare centers and research institutions in the implementation of their digitalization projects.

Next step already planned: PTA wants to host the MedTechDialog

Both partners also intend to further intensify their cooperation. In future, PTA plans to host the MedTechDialog in its own remise in the old post office in Mannheim. The expert dialog, which has been held regularly since 2013, is aimed at managing directors, managers, company founders, venture capitalists, start-up entrepreneurs, senior medical professionals as well as researchers and developers from the medical technology sector – in other words, anyone who is connected to the medtech sector in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region or is considering entering the market. As part of the event series, current issues, industry insights and solutions will be discussed and debated.

Robert Fischer

Marketing Manager

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