4. March 2022

PTA and AVINTIS are strategic partners

360° support for digitization projects

Zurich-based IT consultancy PTA Schweiz GmbH and leading Swiss integration specialist AVINTIS SA announce a strategic partnership. In it, the two partners combine their expertise and support companies from the upper midmarket and corporations in making their digital technologies leaner and more agile. The special feature: Customers receive organizational and technical expertise from a single source.

Digitalization is advancing unabated and poses numerous challenges. Resources need to be properly planned, and at the same time companies need to meet the growing demands of their customers, who want more and more personalized services. To cope with all this, strategic partnerships that bundle digitization expertise around process consulting and process automation are becoming increasingly important. The IT consultancy PTA Schweiz GmbH and the Swiss integration specialist AVINTIS SA have now concluded such an agreement.

“Within the framework of our partnership, our customers benefit first and foremost from the fact that they receive organizational and technical expertise for the digitization of business processes from a single source,” explains Tim Köhler, Managing Director of IT consultancy PTA Schweiz GmbH, about the advantages of the partnership with AVINTIS. “We focus on analyzing business processes, AVINTIS automates them. Optimizing and implementing processes is a core competence that we both master very well,” Köhler continues.

Process automation – getting to the bottom of process flows

Business processes are constantly changing. It is therefore of particular relevance for companies to always keep an eye on their process management lifecycle (BPM lifecycle). This provides methods, process models and solutions with which processes can not only be implemented, analyzed and monitored, but also adapted and optimized. As part of the strategic partnership between the PTA and AVINTIS, customers now receive 360° support for their digitization projects. By means of process automation, business processes can be run faster, at any time of day and at any time in a flexibly scalable manner.

The aim is to permanently achieve high quality, productivity, transparency and customer satisfaction and thus maintain competitiveness. To this end, the two partners are pooling their knowledge and will market it jointly in the future. “The optimal interaction between technology and organizational framework conditions is a prerequisite for successful digitization. The partnership between the PTA and AVINTIS grants the customer this unique broad competence,” adds Alfred Berger, CEO at AVINTIS.

Tim Köhler

Managing Director PTA Schweiz GmbH

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