15. October 2020

PTA and Celonis are strategic partners

Market leader for process mining combines solutions with PTA’s implementation expertise and process consulting

The Mannheim-based management consultancy PTA GmbH and Celonis SE, market leader for process mining and process excellence software with headquarters in Munich and New York, have recently entered into a strategic partnership. In particular, companies from the upper midmarket and corporations that have numerous process flows will in future receive powerful process mining solutions from Celonis and the many years of expertise of PTA consultants in software implementation and process consulting from a single source.

In order to find the right answers to the diverse challenges of digitalization and to meet customers’ growing demand for personalized services, companies need a very good understanding of their business processes and their workflows. “Only those who know in detail how the company’s internal processes are structured can also leverage optimization potential and thus shape a company. Together with Celonis, we combine modern process mining technology with our wide-ranging knowledge, which we have gathered over 50 years in many implementation, process consulting and process implementation projects,” says Dr. Tim Walleyo, Managing Director of the management consultancy PTA GmbH, about the advantages of the Partnership with Celonis. The Celonis Partner Ecosystem is a global network of transformation specialists and enthusiasts. The aim is to enable companies to transform smartly and efficiently.

Process mining – getting to the bottom of process flows

In particular, larger companies that map many processes, such as banks and insurance companies, but also in retail and production, there is basically no getting around the use of process mining. This is because the technology makes every step in every process traceable, down to document level if necessary. This reveals deviations, outliers or any bottlenecks that make process chains inefficient. Process mining tools analyze the logs, i.e. the events in the process. These events are in turn assigned to a process instance. Using these event logs, companies can identify the current status of the processes in their organization, compare them with the target process models and derive targeted measures from them: This allows business processes to be optimally adapted, improvement potential to be fully exploited, efficiency to be increased and costs to be saved.

Karina Vogl, VP Partner Management EMEA at Celonis, says: “We are delighted to partner with the PTA to support organizations in their transformation efforts. Despite their best efforts to drive digital transformation, even the best-run organizations are only achieving an average of 78% capacity, and the rest are worse off because their processes are anchored in a rigid and fragmented IT landscape. But Celonis can help change this, enabling companies to optimize their execution capacity by analyzing data from IT systems, identifying bottlenecks and taking action to remove obstacles. This solution from Celonis builds on the existing software landscape and is designed to optimize existing digital investments.”

Seamless integration into any IT system landscape

For process mining technology to be fully effective, it must be seamlessly integrated into a company’s IT infrastructure. As part of the strategic partnership, the Mannheim-based management consultancy PTA will take on this role. The consultants are not only experienced when it comes to implementing applications and IT solutions in existing system landscapes and customizing them, but also have the necessary expert knowledge of industry-specific processes. “No matter what IT landscape we find at a customer, whether we are dealing with standard software or heterogeneous individual solutions – we analyze which systems the value-adding processes run through and know which interfaces we can use to integrate the Celonis tools and which adjustments our developers need to make if necessary. In this respect, our skills complement each other perfectly and we are delighted to be part of the Celonis partner ecosystem,” says Dominik Lenhard, Head of Digital Processes at PTA

In addition, PTA’s IT consultants are proven experts when it comes to modeling, managing and controlling processes. The focus is always on the value-adding End2End processes in the company and the challenge of consistently aligning these digitally with customer requirements. The IT professionals thus provide additional important impetus for the continuous improvement of internal company processes, helping companies to fully exploit the potential of their data.

About Celonis

Celonis is the market leader for AI-supported process mining and process excellence software. With headquarters in Munich and New York and more than 1,000 employees worldwide, Celonis helps organizations across all industries eliminate friction in critical business processes and improve their performance. The solution understands how processes really work, detects friction losses in real time and eliminates them with intelligent automation and recommendations for action. Companies worldwide, including Siemens, Uber, Citi, Coca-Cola and Vodafone, use Celonis software to improve their performance and business results, generating millions of dollars in value.

Dominik Lenhard

Head of Digital Processes

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