29. March 2022

PTA at the OMR 2022

Video avatars and AI revolutionize customer experience

PTA exhibition stand and master class by Dr. Roland Jesse

This year it’s that time again: On 17. and From May 18 to 18, 2022, the who’s who of the digital and marketing scene will meet at the OMR Festival 2022, the largest knowledge and inspiration platform in Europe. Visitors to the exhibition halls in Hamburg will experience a mixture of expert knowledge, seminars, conferences, master classes and an accompanying trade exhibition; PTA IT-Beratung GmbH will be represented twice on this occasion: The IT experts from Mannheim will be presenting their specially developed digital and virtual video counseling assistant NEXOVI at the accompanying Expo. May, from 12:30 to 14:00, to find out how Video avatars and artificial intelligence revolutionize the customer experience. With a doctorate in computer science, he is responsible for NEXOVI product development at PTA.

NEXOVI – digital, smart and always close to the customer

The NEXOVI digital consulting assistant is an interactive component that can be customized, regardless of which products or services are to be offered. It can be easily integrated into any website and combines both sequences for a video consultation and control elements. NEXOVI picks up customers where they are and guides them through business processes with advice and support. The range of applications of the virtual assistant is almost limitless and cross-industry: it covers purchases, consultations or contract conclusions of all kinds. Especially for business processes that are not intuitive and require explanations, NEXOVI fully exploits its strengths. Whether it’s filling out forms or advising on products that require explanation.

How video avatars and AI are revolutionizing the customer experience

In his Masterclass lecture, Dr. Roland Jesse takes up the application scenarios of NEXOVI and discusses them in detail in his intensive seminar. He shows what possibilities the new technology opens up and what companies should consider when implementing it; “Chatbots and artificial intelligence have long been part of modern customer service. In the future, however, smart video avatars like the ones we use with NEXOVI to further revolutionize the help offered by companies – individually and emotionally,” says speaker Roland Jesse. Whenever day-to-day business has to do with a customer’s activities that require explanation, a digital video consultation assistant the work decisively. Because he takes the customer by the hand and explains to him individually and personally what needs to be done; NEXOVI is much more than a chatbot, as the advice is provided by actors or adaptive avatars. This allows day-to-day business to be carried out more efficiently and also strengthens customer loyalty, as the use of NEXOVI can significantly reduce incorrect entries and misunderstandings.

The OMR-Festival with Expo, conference, masterclasses, side events and parties, has grown over the past nine years into a two-day event with around 52,000 visitors who come to find out about the latest developments in the fields of adtech, affiliate marketing, analytics, data, mobile advertising, performance marketing, software and video advertising at around 500 exhibition stands. The trade fair is exciting for all online marketers, managing directors and decision-makers who want to stay up to date and network;

Dr. Roland Jesse

Head of Product Development NEXOVI

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