10. November 2022

PTA Group participates in humanitarian aid transport for Ukraine

Supporting the voluntary commitment of Karsten Rohlwing

On Sunday evening, October 9, 2022, the time had come again: Karsten Rohlwing, Managing Director of Rohlwing Transport GmbH, set off on his latest aid transport from Henstedt-Ulzburg to the Romanian-Ukrainian border. For the transport company itself, it was already the fourth aid transport for the Ukrainian population as part of its voluntary commitment;

40 tons of relief supplies found their way

His 40-ton truck was fully loaded with useful aid supplies for Ukraine. While the first three aid transports were largely financed by private donations in kind, the fourth transport was mainly financed and made possible by financial donations from companies; As a PTA group, we took part in this to support the civilian population in need as a result of the war in Ukraine; The truck was loaded with muesli bars, tinned fish and sausages, dried fruit and chocolate; Diapers are also still needed, as are bandages, medicines and various hygiene products; The helpers have also thought of camp beds, winter clothing and sleeping bags – all of which are of great importance in the approaching winter and in view of the widespread destruction of important infrastructure by the Russian military.

4000 kilometers to the central warehouse and back home

The aid transport covers around 4000 kilometers to the central collection camp across the Carpathian Mountains in Romania and from there back home. Karsten Rohlwing now has very good contacts with the organizers, a local Ukrainian aid organization. From their central warehouse in Romania, the required aid is distributed to the Ukrainian front line in the shortest possible time. Donors can be sure that the urgently needed relief supplies will get into the hands of those who really need help.

Many people in Ukraine have lost their homes. Residential buildings, but also public facilities and hospitals were destroyed by attacks; Illnesses and injuries are on the rise. We therefore consider it a moral obligation to make a contribution with our donation to help the people and those in need in Ukraine;

The next aid transport is expected to take place in April/May 2023; This transport is also largely financed by donations. The aid organization in Henstedt-Ulzburg and Karsten Rohlwing are happy about every donation.

Photos: Karsten Rohlwing

Robert Fischer

Marketing Manager

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