31. October 2023

PTA supports Hacker School

Targeted promotion of young IT talent

The PTA Group has decided to provide a further boost to digital skills to help develop the next generation of technology talent. For this reason, the Mannheim-based IT consulting firm will in future sponsor the nationwide Hacker School. The message that the PTA IT experts want to convey is clear: by passing on their knowledge to children and young people, they aim to dispel any uncertainties, to introduce them to programming in a playful way and, in the best case scenario, to inspire them to become developers. This motivation to find and develop young talent is also reflected in the company’s own vision, which states that the PTA Group will support its customers in achieving sustainable success in a digital future with motivated talent.

Promote creative and analytical thinking in a targeted manner

The Hacker School aims to spark the interest of children and young people aged 11 to 18 in technology, programming and creative thinking. It is her concern to give young people the opportunity to try out programming for themselves and, in the process, to get them excited about the IT world as well as to strengthen their digital skills. This is an objective that the PTA Group actively supports, particularly in view of the increasingly urgent shortage of skilled workers.

Through free, hands-on programming courses, Hacker School teaches valuable skills in the IT sector. It enables young people to gain initial insights into the world of programming and thus opens up new perspectives for their professional future. To this end, volunteer and experienced IT professionals – called “Inspirers” by the Hacker School – teach the young people exciting tricks and tips from the world of software development. Within a very short time, this will enable them to program their own IT project.

Our IT professionals show the way to tomorrow’s IT consultants

As inspirers in the Hacker School, our IT experts will pass on their experience and digital DNA to younger generations in the future. With this knowledge transfer, the IT consultants are thus actively shaping the digital and company’s own future as a medium-sized IT consulting firm. Young people are taught that becoming an IT professional is an interesting, diverse journey that never ends, there is much to learn, and it can be rewarding. The IT professionals want to start with training courses on the programming languages Python, Scratch or HTML/CSS. The four-hour courses all take place remotely, so they can be taught from the comfort of your laptop at home.

With which the PTA Group also supports

As a sponsor, the company also supports the Hacker School with donations of money and hardware. Through this joint commitment, PTA aims to help young people learn the skills they need to succeed in an increasingly digitalized world. To do this, they also need the right equipment and a modern IT infrastructure.

Learn more about Hacker School or contact us directly:

Robert Fischer

Marketing Manager

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