25. July 2018


Digital business platform as the basis for networking within the company

Dr. Tim Walleyo gives presentation on the Digital Business Platform at Rethink! Customer Connected 360° in Berlin

The RETHINK! Connected Customer 360° is the strategy event for marketing directors and CRM decision-makers. From June 24 to 26, they discussed the latest strategies and technologies relating to customer relationship management, customer experience and data in Berlin. Dr. Tim Walleyo, member of the PTA management board, presented the advantages of Digital Business Platforms (DBP).

Often isolated digitization projects in companies

Digitalization has already arrived in many companies. However, only a few are implementing the digital transformation across the entire company. Instead, isolated digitization projects are the rule. Objectively speaking, these can play a leading role in the digitalization race, but they need to be networked to have the best possible effect in the company.

“We are quite far ahead in many areas such as CRM, big data analytics and IoT devices. Viewed in isolation, these topics are very advanced in terms of maturity and connection to the customer. However, once you organize these topics, you can see that they actually need to be networked. However, we have noticed that many customers are still lacking precisely this networking.”

Dr. Tim Walleyo, Management PTA GmbH

A digital business platform is the ideal approach for this networking. It bundles the relevant business applications from all areas of the company and merges the available data streams into a company-wide data pool. This will enable companies to serve customers holistically in the future. This is changing customer relationships, business models, the technologies used and the organization to a significant extent.

Processing unstructured data only works on platforms

The presentation by Dr. Tim Walleyo, followed by a discussion, met with great interest from the audience and was very well received. You can watch it again in the live recording:

Portrait von Dr. Tim Walleyo

Dr. Tim Walleyo

Member of the Management Board

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