5. October 2017

PTA presents Digital Business Platform at the Rethink! SPMS

The Digital Business Platform enables digital transformation in industrial and logistics companies

The Rethink! SPMS is the meeting place for production managers and plant managers to discuss current projects, innovative technologies and new trends in the areas of smart manufacturing, lean management and Industry 4.0. The high-profile strategy event took place this year on 25. and September 26 in Hamburg. PTA GmbH was also there to present its approach to the Digital Business Platform (DBP).

“People have been talking about platforms for a long time, but they were often not ready for the market. Now we are convinced that the maturity level and comparability are there. This will support companies in their digital transformation.”

Dr. Frank Gredel, Management PTA GmbH

Sophisticated solutions paving the way for digital transformation

Industry 4.0 and digitalization have arrived in the sector, albeit in many different forms. So far, only a few players have consistently implemented the digital transformation across the entire company. Dr. Frank Gredel, Member of the Management Board at PTA in Mannheim, also picked up on this fact in his presentation.

He presented digital business platforms as the ideal basis for digital change. These are not just about the digitalization of processes, but about the digitalization of the entire company. At the same time, he presented the current status of the three largest platform providers to the audience, with which companies can manage the digital transformation in a simple, scalable, secure and cost-effective way.

“The PTA presentation showed me personally that I am on the right track with the openKONSEQUENZ company diary.”

Gordon Pickford, Project Manager openKONSEQUENZ, MVV Netze GmbH

Digital business platforms impress with their quality

The presentation met with great interest from the audience and was very well received. Experience Dr. Frank Gredel’s lecture for yourself in the live recording from Hamburg:

Dr. Frank Gredel

Head of Business Development

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