13. December 2017

Digital accessibility an increasingly important topic in Switzerland too

PTA Schweiz GmbH explains digital accessibility at the Swiss Handicap in Lucerne

In Germany, digital accessibility is already enshrined in law, but Switzerland still has some catching up to do. The Swiss subsidiary of PTA has therefore taken on a pioneering role and demonstrated this at the Swiss Handicap trade fair in Lucerne.

Swiss Handicap as a meeting place for people with and without disabilities

Swiss Handicap is the only national trade fair in Switzerland for people with and without disabilities. Every two years, topics relating to life with a mental, physical, psychological or sensory disability are discussed on two consecutive days. As a nationally known network and dialog platform, Swiss Handicap helps to promote the self-determination of people with disabilities.

Digital accessibility in Switzerland still has some catching up to do

Digital accessibility is playing an increasingly important role in the online world. People with disabilities use the Internet and Web 2.0 services more frequently than average. Digital accessibility enables them to use these services just as freely as people who do not have a disability. PTA Schweiz GmbH explained this topic in more detail at Swiss Handicap, where it met with great interest.

A previous campaign has already shown that digital accessibility is still unfamiliar territory for many. At the trade fair itself, visitors therefore had the opportunity to find out more about this at the PTA stand. There, the company showed how they make the Internet and Web 2.0 accessible. This includes, for example, an optimized design for websites and apps or the use of voice control. However, the drallo app met with particularly great interest. The PTA used this to organize a kind of scavenger hunt at the trade fair stand, with which visitors could interactively explore a world on their smartphones.

PTA Switzerland sees itself on the right track

For PTA Switzerland, the trade fair appearance was not only a success, but above all a confirmation that the topic of digital accessibility is becoming increasingly relevant and that the company is on the right track.

“We are delighted that the topic of accessibility was so well received at the trade fair. Ultimately, it’s not just people with disabilities who benefit from optimized designs, but also people without disabilities who find it easier to use,” sums up Josefin Lilja from the usability team at PTA Schweiz GmbH. “We were also particularly pleased that Swiss Handicap adapted its trade fair website following our analysis and that it is now barrier-free.”

Robert Fischer

Marketing Manager

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