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Accounts receivable management

Project duration: 8 months

Brief description

Recovery of claims for small amounts is generally left to law firms. Controlling, documenting and reporting of the costs involved and the repayment status are to be entered in a centralized system (an MS Access database with various interfaces). This also makes it easier to compare the performance of individual contractors.


The core of the application, i.e. data storage, forms and reports, is implemented with the PTA standard framework. To this are added interfaces implemented in VB 6.0 for importing reference data and debtor data. The overall package also includes a tool based on MS Excel that provides the law firms charged with recovering claims with a standardized option for entering the relevant data.

Subject description

Borrowers fail to repay their debts to banks for many different reasons. Depending on the size of the credit, there are different methods for making the borrower repay his or her debts to the financial institute. Law firms are charged with recovering smaller outstanding debits. In order to control and document their activities, it is necessary to have a system that takes the necessary data from the contractors and manages it. In addition to this, an appropriate status report should provide information about the history of costs associated with the recovery and information about the repayment status. Furthermore, the system is used to compare the performance of law firms charged with recovering the debt. The objective is to improve controlling of debt-recovery law firms in order to shorten the debt-recovery process in the long term and therefore reduce the costs associated with it. After all, the system aims to improve the debt-recovery process.


Project period01.08.2000 - 30.03.2001

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