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Adjustment and implementation of the installation programs for laboratory information system development

Brief description

The customer's laboratory information system is sold around the world. As part of the project, the requirements for international markets such as Switzerland and Southeast Asia are implemented. This includes recording, analyzing and describing requirements, design, implementation and both validation and verification of the installer (setup).


The installer had to be fundamentally changed due to the changes that will be caused by software internationalization. Revision of the entire source code made it possible to significantly improve user friendliness in the interface and ease-of-maintenance in the underlying source code.

Subject description

The common tasks during this project were the creation of Data Manager for a diagnostic device and CoreLab Builds and language packs, managing and doing continuous integration of Blood Depot project with MKS Source Integrity, rewriting of the installation routine with Inno Setup like supporting of several installation modes, e.g. silent installation, remote installation or automatically removing of write-protection during compile-process or other post build steps. Also several master installer prototypes were created to show alternative deployment ways.

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