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Agency info system access layer II

Project duration: 4 years, 10 months

Brief description

Development of an XML access layer to a relational database in the context of an agency management and information system. Creation of a new interface for system connection.


The XML interface provides services that applications can use to request data objects from the customer data set. The data is transferred in a standardized format. This format is the XML format. This makes it possible to map data objects with any structural depth and complexity and process them regardless of the platform and programming language. The XML layer is designed as a collection of service objects made available to the relevant applications. The service object can support two functions: 1) delivering and receiving data objects from the data set; 2) communication with standard dialogs in the centralized application.

Subject description

Improving communication and work processes in sales and distribution agencies.


Project period01.08.2002 - 30.05.2007

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