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Analysis of integrated service processes based on a global ERP template

Brief description

A central SAP system is being migrated from R/3 to S/4HANA. In context of this, business processes for customer service are redesigned and adjusted to the new system landscape. This includes processes for installation of complex devices, maintanance and warranty handling as well as a consistent management of material master data.


In context of the migration from R/3 to S/4HANA, a heterogeneous system landscape is gradually being harmonized. The S/4HANA system acts as a core which is complemented by a set of systems that focus on specific business needs, respectively. Targeting customer service these specifically include a Salesforce-based CRM system as well as a commercial opportunity management system. To consolidate the heterogeneous interfaces of all systems involved, a middleware is being used. This is based on Mulesoft and allows to support standardized REST interfaces as well as SOAP web services and SAP specific IDoc interfaces.

Subject description

Customer service is being delivered in support of large scale devices for diagnostics analyses and tests. For such tests, supportive consumables are being used. As a result, the customer service is designed to support the whole range of related activities. After the initial customer aquisition, on-site visits at the customer location are conducted to analyse and prepare the location's capability for the device installation. This may include activities related to construction work. This is followed by planning and support of the installation of complete lab systems based on sold devices and planned diagnostic services. Such installation is directly followed by a warranty and maintenance phase. This is supported by a holistically designed service part management and handling of devices returned during their lifecycle. All processes are building on a consistently applied contract management. All of these processes are harmonized into the new system landscape based on business process designs.

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