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Analysis of laboratory processes

Project duration: 1 year, 1 month

Brief description

The processes in an analytical laboratory are analysed and examined for optimization potential, particularly with regard to digitalization. For this purpose, a 2-day workshop is held in which the processes are recorded, documented and optimization potentials are identified and documented.


The laboratory to be analyzed is visited and, at the same time, the process steps, decisions and documents are recorded with the actors involved. From this information, process modeling and documentation is carried out using a brown paper in a workshop – expanded to include the IT contacts. Based on this very comprehensive information, optimization potential is identified and possible measures are discussed on the second day. In the summary of the workshop, a catalog of measures will be developed

Subject description

Analytical laboratories are characterized in particular by the variety of tests they carry out. The heterogeneity of the samples is also a decisive factor that can lead to process steps not being optimally designed. In particular, sample collection, the tracking of samples through the analysis process and the assignment of test results to requirements pose particular challenges.


Project period01.06.2023 - 28.06.2024

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