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Analysis of the legacy system settlement procedure

Project duration: 8 months

Brief description

This project essentially involves analyzing the existing legacy system for creating annual statements for an energy supplier (power and gas). To do this, the system is analyzed both top-down on the basis of the functional hierarchy, and bottom-up, starting from the source code. Some of the results are documented in the form of detailed use cases. The aim is to enable a functional redesign of the application without losing the functions that have grown up over the years.


Office tools are used to document the results of the analysis. In addition to this, all artifacts are published in a Sharepoint environment. The source code being analyzed was implemented using C# in a .NET 2.0 environment. An SQL*Server 2005 is used for data storage. A client-server architecture is selected for the legacy system, with ADO.NET used to access the database.

Subject description

The application being analyzed is a document entry system used both to record inbound documents (invoices from providers) and create outbound documents (monthly advance payments and annual statements). In the past, the statements were only created on the basis of inbound documents. In future, a well-developed tariff system is to be used to form the basis for more complex settlements. These settlements are a prerequisite for new business models that are already possible when designing contracts.


Project period02.05.2008 - 31.12.2008

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