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Annual ongoing enhancements and support of the EEG internet portal

Project duration: 1 year, 6 months

Brief description

Support and enhance of EEG Internet. This application significantly reduces this time and effort by enabling the participating business partners (distribution system operators and traders) to directly record the information that the transmission provider requires.


The transmission provider currently implements the EEG using a Java-based distributed application with the SAP WAS 6.40 as the application server and Oracle as the database. The data recorded using EEG Internet needs to be copied to this system for further processing. It is therefore necessary not only to create the Internet application, but also to expand the existing system. EEG Internet makes it possible to record and process the data that the transmission provider requires to implement the EEG (such as forecast transfer to the end consumers of the electricity supply companies supplying end consumers within its control area). This data is retrieved from the internal Oracle database to a MySQL database, only when requested and only for the duration of an Internet session. The necessary data transport is carried out by an EAI tool. EEG Internet is based on Java and accesses this MySQL only, via the the Hibernate persistence framework.

Subject description

According to the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG), a transmission provider has the following responsibilities: (a) Discharge and reimbursement of the energy received by the distribution system operators within the transmission provider's control area, as defined by EEG. (b) Recording the energy received (quantity and chronological sequence) and the reimbursement payments made. (c) Horizontal adjustment: Adjusting the received energy and the reimbursements made between the 4 transmission providers in Germany. (d) Vertical adjustment: Proportionate transfer and settling of the energy remaining to the transmission provider after the horizontal adjustment to all electricity supply companies supplying end consumers within the transmission provider's control area.


Project period01.04.2010 - 15.10.2011

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