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Brief description

In preparation for the harmonization of the IT systems used in the group and within various national companies, the customer wants an evaluation of the current target processes and recommendation of possible target processes for a specific department. PTA GmbH is responsible for project management, project controlling and part of the process analysis. The process modeling is done in ARIS.


PTA GmbH is in charge of the project management, while an external service provider is responsible for the process mapping. Project management and coordination with stakeholders and product owners from various national companies, mostly in English. Management tasks include sprint and task planning as well as project controlling. The same applies to the implementation and moderation of workshops. Initially, BPMN process diagrams are created in ARIS by an external service provider with the support of PTA GmbH. This is followed by a joint process analysis with the customer. The project goal is the representation of all relevant process flows and the identification of the harmonization potential between the different national companies.

Subject description

For the customer, the process management and the coordination with stakeholders and process owners are taken over by PTA GmbH. In the first step, the current ACTUAL processes are evaluated and modeled. In the further course, proposals for possible target processes are discussed and modeled in close coordination with the designated process owners. Notation is BPMN (Business Process Model Notation).

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