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Application support in the customer service environment

Brief description

The customer uses various applications to support its customer service processes. These services include Avaya standard products, individual software developments and an omnichannel solution. The PTA team supports the operation and handling of changes. In particular, this includes troubleshooting, upgrades and coordination between the business department, internal IT and software vendors. ServiceNow is used as the ITSM system.


Some of the software products are SaaS applications, while others are operated by the customer. In the latter case, PTA's tasks also include server administration at application level. Operations include processing and coordinating incidents, documenting customer-specific product features, and supporting the service desk. Changes include upgrades and the implementation of new requirements. The ITSM processes are based on ITIL.

Subject description

Customer service is responsible for handling customer concerns – by telephone, e-mail or letter. Partly internal, partly external agents are used for this purpose. The central application is the omnichannel solution, where requests are distributed according to skills. A WFM tool is used for planning and forecasting.

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