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Automated PR deduction

Project duration: 2 months

Brief description

Automatic deduction of PR material for follow-up advertising by telephone marketing.


The project includes further development of the existing system for managing sales of adverts and articles by field staff and telephone marketing. The project uses the prospective customer's existing technology platform. The entire application is operated as a web application.

Subject description

The prospective customer is a publishing house for multimedia information services. The customer sells adverts and articles via two sales channels: Sales agents in the field staff and an outbound call center in the back office. Prospective customers that the field staff did not win over during advertising campaigns are forwarded to the call center for further processing. The process is presently manual and paper-based. In future, it is intended to be comprehensive, automated and based on electronic data. The business process is changed over accordingly and the existing application for managing sales and distribution is expanded. The deduction of advertising material and responsibility from the field staff will, in the future, take place automatically on the basis of rules, taking the field staff's working methods into account. All data is forwarded in electronic form and is available to call agents in an appropriate form for processing.


Project period09.10.2006 - 07.12.2006

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