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Automation calculation core delivery

Project duration: 6 months

Brief description

The automated creation of the platform-neutral computing core for life insurance in the version for Windows 64-bit relieves the team responsible for deploying the computing core to many environments. The artifacts are thus available faster and earlier. The technical solution is developed and tested together in close coordination. A Jenkins job fetches artifacts such as the source code state from the build for another platform. The DLLs for the modular computing core are generated and compiled via Maven, compressed into a zip file and then stored in an artifactory.


Coordination of the development with the deployment team leader is essential and takes place in a constant form.

Subject description

The main motivation is to reduce the workload of the team involved in deploying the compute kernel on various platforms. In addition to the saved working time, more independence is achieved in the team's ability to deploy, since vacation planning is simplified, for example. Storing the artifacts (DLLs in this case) in the Artifactory is common in the cloud environment and offers the possibility of targeted access for the delivery of specific versions as well as the possibility of accessing statuses in the past.


Project period19.10.2020 - 16.04.2021

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