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Automation of purchase processes

Brief description

In order to automate existing purchasing processes, the customer is supported in the analysis of the processing logic of the master data storage system to be adapted in cooperation with the specialist department. Furthermore, the adaptation of the process flows is accompanied by internal and external developers and the results are documented for reasons of quality assurance. User training and the final handover of the development to the customer IT is carried out by the project manager and the developers involved.


Methodically, work is carried out every four weeks according to customer standards. The technological know-how relates to the automation of processes and specific systems of energy trading. The customer-internal applications for master data storage are relevant for the automation of the purchasing processes. The adapted processing logics relate to the purchase processes of registering for network use, canceling suppliers (old and new) and canceling network use when a market location is closed. The new processes are documented using Microsoft Visio and Word and presented to users in a comprehensive training course. The adjustments to the individual software to the existing purchasing processes are made with .Net code and SQL databases.

Subject description

The new processes enable the customer to work faster and also have positive effects on the quality of the processes. Furthermore, the documentation of the automated processes enables new employees to familiarize themselves more quickly and effectively. The tasks include the following requirements: Supplementing the existing concepts and designing new implementations, as well as implementing the conceptualized one. Further automations will follow in the future.

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