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Avis data transformation for new consignment order system

Brief description

New applications of the customer will be implemented on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). The new shipment order system (SAS) to be created is to receive notifications and transform them into shipment orders that represent all data for logistics processing (services and delivery conditions). After the ongoing dismantling of the central application for advice processing, it will no longer be possible to obtain advice notes/advice changes from there. For the replacement by the SAS, all advices are first made available in the middleware 'Lobster_data', in order to transfer them initially into a uniform JSON format. Fixed length text files are used as source structures. After the transfer of the source data into the uniform JSON format, the transfer takes place into a dedicated Kafka topic, which serves consuming systems like the SAS as input source for all advices.


The new shipment order system (SAS) to be created takes into account the decentrally distributed changes and represents a holistic view of the shipment orders. The SAS is part of the replacement of the old notification and status data processing and is distinct from the shipment system, which manages shipment information as a physical package. The SAS is designed to implement as little business logic as possible while still providing for the correct interpretation of events. It makes use of a set of Kafka topics, which are created by upstream processes. PTA handles the file transformation part in the middleware 'Lobster_data'.

Subject description

An advice note is an advance notice for a delivery or pickup of a shipment. The acceptance of advices is a highly critical business function. In the event of a failure, there is a risk of immediate significant financial and possibly reputational damage. Therefore, there are corresponding requirements for the resilience of the application. The information consolidated in the shipment order system is made available to the customers in the group as the shipment order business object. As an exchange in the sense of Event-Driven-Architecture (EDA), business events are published in Kafka topics.


Project periodProjektbeginn28.11.2022

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