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Carrying out external campaigns

Project duration: 8 years, 11 months

Brief description

A CRM solution developed for worldwide use in a group of pharmaceutical companies is to be used to carry out campaigns as a service for external clients.


The Marketing Activity Generator developed in project ID 1505 is to be used in CLARIFY and the data warehouse front end to select customer groups.

Subject description

The data provided by the external clients is imported to the CLARIFY system after being prepared accordingly. During the import, activities are generated automatically and made available to the call center team. The agents can use various defined channels (outbound calls, e-mail, bulletins) to contact customers and save customer reactions and the information agents receive in the CRM system. The new information gained in the process is used to define further stages of the campaigns. After the campaigns finish, the updated customer information and its history is returned to the external clients.

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