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Client strategy – creation of a project application

Project duration: 2 months

Brief description

Support in creating a project application for developing a client strategy. The future basic equipment (operating system, office communication, Office applications) of the employees' workstations is an important factor in the strategic orientation of IT. In the project being applied for, various alternatives are proposed and evaluated.


The complexity of the issue is represented using two different techniques. One of these is based on decision trees that identify relatively concrete possible solutions, starting from the strategy so far, through to the integration density of the applications. The other takes a variety of possible components to build up a solution space and then maps it as a morphological box. This latter technique can be used to derive scenarios for a client strategy within the framework of the decision-making process. Another key role in finding a solution is played by evaluation criteria that need to be identified and refined in the course of the subsequent project. The evaluation criteria come from very different areas, such as strategy, technology or costs.

Subject description

The principal reasons for intensively dealing with the client strategy are: cost pressures; pending expiry of support from manufacturers for a series of basic software products, including the connected version upgrade; and subprime interoperability of software from different manufacturers that is used on employee workstations. In addition to better traceability of decisions and transparency in the use of capital, a client strategy should also play a role in quality assurance and quality improvements for the IT facilities and the connected processes. The inclusion of possible alternatives to previous strategies (dominated by products that are Microsoft-compatible) opens up a complex range of potential solutions that have to be examined and evaluated in this project in terms of the most economical variant.


Project period04.10.2007 - 14.12.2007

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