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Collection of collective agreement data from care facilities

Brief description

The project aims to replace an existing application for recording and analysing data on collective agreements in the care sector. In the course of this new development, the existing functionalities are to be significantly expanded. The website will access an existing user group, which will continue to be maintained in the existing application. The almost 35,000 users will be given the opportunity to provide information on the collective agreements they apply within the framework of statutory deadlines, which will be checked for plausibility by the application. In addition, the website offers an internal area that provides an overview of the data entered and the management of collective agreements.


Although the application will operate separately from the existing application in terms of content, it will nevertheless access a shared database instance, as the aim is to maintain master data together. As part of the communication of collective agreement data, contract documents can be uploaded and automatically sent with metadata to the customer's specialist department. In addition, there is a publication portal that must be accessible to everyone, as it provides legally required information on collective agreements and their application. The administration of the collective agreements is particularly challenging, as standardising them contrasts with the requirements of a communication system that is as flexible as possible. As part of the project management, PTA provides the product owner and development resources for the development of the software.

Subject description

The application uses Angular 16 with Angular Materials in the front end, while .net 8 is used in the back end. On the customer side, the application is to be connected to SAS, which is used as a reporting tool. A mail server is accessed via which e-mails can be sent to users on schedule. User administration takes place via a separate database. For QA, Cypress is used for front-end system and E2E tests and SpecFlow for back-end system tests.


Project periodProjektbeginn01.12.2023

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