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Commission calculation system for brokers

Project duration: 3 months

Brief description

Enhancement of an application system for automatically creating commission calculations for a bank's internal and external brokers. The system is implemented on multiple levels and includes components on both the PC and host.


The system is integrated into the bank's own user interface and it is implemented on multiple levels. Part of the business process logic and the data storage is implemented on the host, the other part is implemented on the decentralized components. A proprietary persistence layer provides for data exchange between host modules and decentralized components. Data is stored in a DB2 database. All the host programs affected by the enhancement are written in COBOL. Batch modules created with CA-TELON are responsible for accessing data. Database changes resulting from the expansion require legacy data to be migrated. This migration also takes place on the mainframe with the help of COBOL programs.

Subject description

The application system has been in existence since 2000. It is used to automatically create commission calculations for the bank's internal and external brokers. The brokers receive varying commissions, depending on their performance, i.e. for the different bank and insurance products they mediate (e.g. loans, savings plans, term life insurance policies). The core of the system enhancement is the implementation of additional processing indicators for controlling the type and extent of the commission, including identifying the necessary data from the other systems. It also involves introducing additional plausibility checks.


Project period10.10.2005 - 12.01.2006

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