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Commissioning of the openKONSEQUENZ module Fault Information Tool at a Network Operator

Brief description

The openKONSEQUENZ module's Disruption Information Tool is intended to be deployed at the customer's site to inform them about planned supply interruptions via the grid operator's website. The supply interruptions are to be visually represented on a map (OpenStreetMap) and filtered; for this purpose, the data from the Disruption Information Tool should be automatically synchronized with customer's specific interface. The PTA assists in the deployment of the module and the setup of the openKONSEQUENZ ecosystem. Additionally, containerization and the build pipeline of openKONSEQUENZ should ensure simple patch management.


The module is to be installed onPremise in a virtual environment. In addition to the module itself, however, other modules are required for access management and for DSGVO-compliant management of contacts. These will be installed, configured and integrated into the customer environment accordingly.

Subject description

The Disruption Information Tool provides comprehensive process support for the management of supply interruptions. This starts with the occurrence of the disruption (planned or unplanned), through the processing, information distribution and completion of the disruption. There is transparency at all times as to the status of the disruptions.


Project periodProjektbeginn02.05.2023

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