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Connection of online shops in other EU countries

Brief description

Conception and implementation for the connection of an online shop to SAP ERP 6.0 Retail for the processing and invoicing of customer orders placed in the online shop. The processing of returns is also taken into account. As part of the conception/implementation, the interfaces are coordinated and the customising settings required for the handling of the processes are made. The respective country-specific legal regulations and requirements are taken into account (e.g. fiscalisation, digital signature for invoices, down payments for drop shipments).


The online shops are based on Magento 2.0, which is connected to the existing SAP Retail EHP8 via REST API, SAPI PI and Idocs. The online shops receive the master data (articles and prices) via this interface connection. In addition, the online shops are provided with current stock data of the warehouse and the shops. The customer positions from the online shops are also transferred to SAP Retail via these interfaces, i.e. both sales orders and returns orders are transferred. These are processed in SAP Retail. Extensive coordination meetings are held for this purpose so that the technical concepts can be created and then coordinated. This is followed by the customising settings in SAP Retail and, if necessary, the implementation of enhancements.

Subject description

As part of the online shop connection to SAP ERP 6.0 Retail, the interfaces are coordinated with the partners of the online shop software, the interface settings required in SAP Retail for Idoc processing in incoming and outgoing goods are carried out. The processing of customer orders for warehouse and drop shipments, including returns processing, is designed, taking country-specific requirements into account. All customising settings required for the handling of business processes in SAP Retail are carried out.

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