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Connection to workforce management

Brief description

As part of the project, workflows for planning and managing counting devices in metering point operation will be automated. The background to the implementation is the control of the work processes of fitters. As the operator of the measuring point, the customer assumes his duties to ensure the functionality of the measuring locations. The tasks in the project amount to the requirements analysis in cooperation with the specialist department, the conception of the system, its implementation and the training of customer employees.


Methodically, work is carried out every four weeks according to customer standards. The technological know-how relates to the interface processes and specific requirements of the measuring point operation. The implementations relate to counting devices that a fitter has to install, check or remove for various reasons (malfunctions, change of rotation, new construction, renovation or expansion). These activities are each part of different processes and come together in the connection to Workforce Management (WFM). The planned implementations are then implemented by employees of the PTA in .Net code and SQL databases. The new processes are documented using Microsoft Visio and Word and presented to users in a comprehensive training course. The adaptations to the individual software to the existing purchasing processes are made with .Net code and SQL databases.

Subject description

By automating the process for initiating a fitter's service, the specialist department is relieved of effort and the processes are standardized. If a case is triggered due to the system, processing takes place in the background and does not require any further action by the employee. The interface to the WFM makes it possible to map the exact status of the process. The requirements include the following aspects: Conception of the implementation, data mapping, development, testing and handover to the customer IT.


Project start01.07.2021

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