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Contact Base Data – Upgrade Angular v8 to v16

Project duration: 1 month

Brief description

In response to the constant evolution in web development and ongoing advances in cybersecurity, PTA is undertaking a comprehensive project to update the Angular framework and associated dependencies for the Contact Master Data project developed by PTA. The main objective is to improve the security posture of our web applications by moving from Angular version 8 to the latest stable version 16.


The current Angular version 8 will be updated to version 16 to integrate the latest features, optimizations and security improvements from the Angular team. Migration tools and best practices will be used to ensure a smooth transition. All dependencies, including 3rd party libraries, will be carefully reviewed and updated to their latest versions to address security risks. Npm audit is used to assess and fix security risks related to outdated dependencies. In parallel to the upgrade process, the codebase will be reworked to align with the latest Angular coding standards and best practices. Unit tests and integration tests are performed to identify and fix any regressions or issues during the upgrade process.

Subject description

The module Contact Master Data takes over the administration of all contact data in an openKONSEQUENZ installation. That means it synchronizes with the users of the Auth&Auth module and, if required, with the company LDAP. Furthermore, it manages all persons and companies required in the user modules. The module Contact Master Data is thus the central place for managing contacts and personal data in an openKONSEQUENZ installation. Accordingly, all legal requirements of the DSGVO are implemented in this module.


Project periodProjektzeitraum18.12.2023 - 26.01.2024

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