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Controlling information system

Project duration: 1 year, 1 month

Brief description

The controlling information system compares the costs and revenues that accrue for a unit supplied with energy. Data Warehouse provides the basis for standard reports (e.g. financial amortization) that are created periodically by the controlling department. This involves the use of the BI features of the MS SQL server 2005 that are included in the standard version of the database server.


The service-oriented architecture (SOA) makes it possible to use web services (in addition to the various databases) as data sources for filling the DWH. Before it is stored in the DWH database, the data is collected in a staging level. The ETL process is undertaken by means of StoredProcedures (T-SQL), while MS Analysis services are used for creating the cubes. These form the basis for the reporting services that enable users to access the necessary reports in a report directory, using a browser-based report manager. The report can be exported or printed in a wide variety of formats.

Subject description

In order to monitor payment flows in the company, a tool that merges data from the various participating systems is required. When the financial closing reports are created, a difference is made between the actual cleared and differentiated amounts that have probably not yet been paid or have not yet arrived. This differentiation is typical for the sector, because actual final settlements are generally only possible 4 months after the fiscal year ends, once all the inbound invoices from the energy suppliers being supplied are available. The Data Warehouse has already been comprehensively structured and planned so that it can be used in other specialist departments (sales, management) for purposes beyond controlling reports, once the relevant expansions have been implemented.


Project period20.04.2006 - 30.05.2007

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