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Creating and managing production plans

Project duration: 5 months

Brief description

In this project, a system for creating and managing production plans is developed. Any number of plans can be managed in parallel. Various interdependencies between production events are mapped. Planning data can be managed by drag&drop. An automatic software update is integrated.


The "Elecsys Planning Instrument" (EPI) is based on a three-layer architecture, consisting of a C# client, a business layer (assemblies: DLLs) and an SQL 2005 database. (SqlNet) is used to communicate between the client and the database. The development uses Visual Studio 2003 (C#) on the .Net 1.1 framework. The system has an interface for exporting/importing material master data to/from MS Excel, as well as an interface for exporting production plans to MS Excel. An automatic update is built into the system for the necessary program components; this update function checks the versions at start-up and retrieves new files from the database if required.

Subject description

Resource planning is needed in the production process for reagents and testing equipment in the "Elecsys" instrument environment. This resource planning makes it possible to produce as efficiently as possible, with little downtime. Certain framework conditions (working days in Bavaria, cauldron volumes, validated batch sizes, production sequences, etc.) need to be taken into account. Each time data is entered or altered, the system checks all the framework conditions, which minimizes conflicts in the production process. Planning is based on working weeks, with the option of defining a backlog list for each year.


Project period01.07.2007 - 30.11.2007

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