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Creating prototypes for migrating MS Access applications to .NET

Project duration: 4 months

Brief description

Prototype-style migration of two applications that were developed for MS Access 97 and which are to be mapped (with the minimum of changes) to an n-tier architecture based on Microsoft technologies. This project serves to adjust the components used in terms of their scope of services and interaction.


An n-tier architecture forms the basis for the migration. The architecture's business logic is addressed via web services. The primary presentation level is realized by a WinForms-based rich client and data is managed via an SQL 2005 database server. The application servers uses stored procedures to communicate with the database. The development is carried out in C# based on the .NET 2.0 framework. Reporting is planned with Microsoft SQL server 2005 reporting services. There is also the option of employing Access automation to continue to use the reports from the Access applications, which entails changes to each Access application.

Subject description

The applications to be migrated are located in the administrative area of a power plant.


Project period16.02.2007 - 29.06.2007

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