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Creation and integration of a new web-based document management system

Brief description

A new online sales and service web portal in the cloud is being developed for an international insurer throughout Germany and internationally, which is gradually replacing the legacy system. The agile multilingual team is responsible for the development of a new centralised document management system. The associated web components are based on a new app shell / micro front-end technology (MFE), for which Document Lists is one of the pioneers. The tasks included analysing the current technical status of the legacy system, the structure and dimensions of the documents in the database and coordinating the target development of document management in the web portal with the product owner, the specialist owners and the UI design/research team, including the associated compliance issues. This also requires close consultation with the local and global teams that integrate our document view, taking into account the corresponding rights.


The project includes support with the business and requirements analysis, IT coordination, evaluations of how the documents can be migrated from various decentralised CRM systems to a central data store and the necessary data protection issues. As a business analyst, the new requirements for implementation are written in the form of user stories.

Subject description

To evaluate the data basis for a possible document migration, various DB queries for data analysis are created together with the DB specialist and the results are statistically processed in the form of pie charts and bar charts. A hackathon is organised and accompanied for the implementation of the new App Shell / MFE technology. Due to the centralisation of documents, new compliance issues need to be clarified, such as retention and deletion periods and the introduction of protection levels and which documents may be migrated.


Project periodProjektbeginn01.06.2023

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