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CRM marketing activity support and analytics

Project duration: 6 months

Brief description

The marketing department with support, an expansion to the CLARIFY functions for campaign management is developed in both the operational and analytical sectors. Selecting customer data from the analytical data warehouse (or importing external customer data) shall enable the automated generation of marketing activities and the controlled processing of these activities via call center agents.


The data warehouse that was developed previously as a tool for the analytical CRM is given functions that make it possible to assign a large quantity of selected customer data to campaigns and lead sources that were defined previously. This customer data can then be transferred to the CLARIFY system by means of predefined actions. The rules for creating the actions make it possible to automatically carry out action items, literature requests and attribute setting in CLARIFY. Workflow objects can be automatically assigned to specific departments (queues), where they are then available for processing. Additionally, external data can also be used via an XML format.

Subject description

As part of the marketing department's campaign management, customers are to be approached in a targeted manner using various channels of communication (e-mail, letters, outbound calls), in order to inform them of new products and promotions. Within a campaign, the target group is to be divided into segments on the basis of questionnaires. Groups are segmented on the basis of group-wide criteria; this enables global statistics to be compiled and the development of customer groups over time to be examined.

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