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Customer analysis and evaluation

Project duration: 2 months

Brief description

Detailed design and development of an application for evaluating the customers of a chemical group. The characterization of customers is represented graphically in the form of bubble charts.


Evaluating a customer in terms of criteria for the competitive position (X axis) and customer desirability (Y axis), such as sales, profit margin, financial reliability, planning precision and frequency of complaints. The customer criteria measured and the summarized customer evaluation for the X and Y axes are stored at various aggregation levels in an MS Access database. This data can be assessed visually by year in the form of a pivot table or in the form of a bubble chart/BCG matrix, using MS Excel.

Subject description

The method used for evaluating individual customers is a bubble chart (bubble diagram) combined with a BCG matrix (matrix from the Boston Consulting Group) on the basis of criteria for the competitive position and customer desirability.


Project period10.05.2007 - 02.07.2007

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