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Data procurement for document issue

Project duration: 1 year, 3 months

Brief description

Design and development of a subsystem for creating and managing print orders, including a core component for configurable data access to a contract portfolio system. The interface to the applications for generating documents and printing is implemented in XML.


Identifying the necessary data from the inventory system and creating the XML interface are two asynchronous processes in data procurement. The first process stores the data in a simple internal format. A further process converts the internally stored data into XML format. An application makes it possible to view and edit the access paths and the form of XML output. This information is evaluated in data procurement during runtime. The subsystem can also manage print orders without active data procurement. This subsystem uses applications that can identify the print data themselves but which leave the task of generating documents to a standard product.

Subject description

The data procurement process ensures consistent data extracts in the inventory management system, especially when new versions of an insurance contract are approved. The resulting policies or amendments involve common insurance categories, such as liability, vehicle, accident or property insurance, as well as specialist categories such as electronics or transport. The insurance company acts as a broker insurer on the market. As such, one of the focuses of the administrative functions within the inventory management system is managing brokers.


Project period01.02.2008 - 30.04.2009

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