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Data warehouse for energy trading

Project duration: 9 months

Brief description

The existing data warehouse (DWH) for energy trading is fundamentally expanded, both technically and functionally, and placed on a new platform. It is to be expanded to form the central reporting system for controlling energy trading, including managing information for the company management and reports and analyses for the operative units.


The model of the existing DWH is completely revised. This involves implementing a set of rules for the relationships between dimensions, and including new attributes and key figures. The ETL process is restructured using the Oracle Warehouse Builder (OWB) and expanded to include essential new functions (e.g. logging dimensions in histories, late arriving facts, automating the load run and archiving). The connection to the source systems (including Endur) is then completely revised. Additionally, the model (Universum) and the front-end tools (Business Objects XI) are restructured. Standard reports for users are consolidated and the performance of queries improved. The data is then migrated from the old system to the target platform.

Subject description

In energy trading, deals that specify conditions for purchasing or selling energy (coal, gas, electricity), emission rights, etc. are closed on a daily basis. These deals have a wide variety of maturities, partners, currencies and business models. The data from the DWH is intended to help monitor the deals, create simulations, carry out risk analyses and make management decisions. This takes place on the basis of standardized, preconfigured reports and ad-hoc evaluations. The DWH is filled on a daily basis with data from various purchasing and sales source systems.


Project period01.01.2008 - 15.10.2008

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