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Data warehouse parameterization tool for group controlling

Project duration: 2 months

Brief description

Development of a tool for checking the plausibility of the parameters for a group controlling data warehouse. The focus is on the settings for access rights.


The issuing of authorization to access company data or organizational structures is made transparent and any impairment of the rules is displayed. The issuing of authorization to create reports is also visualized and checked in this way. The validated form of parameterization is transferred to the data warehouse system. The information is then summarized and created as per the new parameters and access is allowed on the basis of the newly issued authorization. Changes can also be made to the authorizations on the data warehouse during live operation. These changes are made available in an interface once a month. The tool checks the plausibility of the changes and, if desired, enables selective transfer of the changes to the parameterization database.


Project period04.07.2005 - 29.08.2005

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