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Database reorganization and data migration for broker software

Project duration: 6 months

Brief description

Replacement of the data model for existing broker software by a date model to be used centrally. The associated restructuring of the database makes it easier to integrate the data in other systems. The implementation of the new data model is accompanied by the migration of legacy data to the restructured database.


The data model that serves as the template for the new data model is optimized for a Sybase SQL Anywhere 10 database. The Power Designer is used to make all the adjustments necessary for a PostgreSQL 7.4 and a SQLite 3 database. In addition, all the necessary system-specific changes are made. The data is migrated to the PostgreSQL database with the help of PL/SQL scripts. The local SQLite 3 database are restructured and transferred using a program implemented in C++. A database access layer developed in C++ that provides a standardized interface for both database systems is also redesigned in terms of the new data model.

Subject description

The broker software shares the use of numerous software components with the agency management and information system. In the course of another project, the agency management and information system was given a new data model that is compatible with centralized systems. In order to continue to operate components shared with the broker software without the need for adjustments, the broker software's data model is also ported to this standard. The broker software is used in two variants, i.e. locally with an SQLite3 database, and as a Windows Terminal Server application over the Internet with a PostgreSQL database. The new data model is to be introduced for both database systems.


Project period01.03.2009 - 31.08.2009

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