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Development of a digital sales-calculator

Brief description

Development of a digital sales-calculator for sales representatives. The goal is to reduce the back-office work load within the framework of a process reorganization. PTA develops the software and consults the customer from the first idea to software deployment. The sales-calculator digitalizes, centralizes, unifies and facilitates the preparation of insurance application forms by sales representatives. A 'click-to-contract' functionality with digital signature simplifies accepting the insurance application by the end costumer. The software reduces therefore reduces the workload for completing and correcting the application forms as well as the conversion into insurance policies. A second back-office specific software implements a user management functionality, offers a overview of all insurance applications including their processing state and allows the export of data to the customers ERP system in order to create an insurance policy.


In this project a software to digitally create insurance application forms is developed based on web technologies (Angular frontend, .NET backend). PTA is responsible for consulting, software development and supports the refinement of requirements. Design and structure of the software are defined by a clickable prototype (Marvelapp). The application offers support for three languages that are managed and maintained by the customer with Locize. An interface allows data transfer to the customers ERP system for insurance policy generation. Additional interfaces to external sales partners enable the automatic transfer of customer data to the application via deep-link. User management and authorization are realized through implementation of Azure B2C Active Directory.

Subject description

Sales representatives create insurance applications mainly based on a electronic PDF without validation and send via email to the back-office. This process leads to unnecessary workload as the missing validation allows submission of incomplete and incorrect application forms that need manual revision. Additionally, as requests are received by email the processing state of the application forms is not accessible. The new sales-calculator developed by PTA solves these issues by validating the application form on the fly and offering a central overview of all application forms including their processing state.

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