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Development of a new user interface for a laboratory middleware solution

Project duration: 2 years, 7 months

Brief description

Two laboratory "Middleware" solutions for the customer are replaced by a new product. The existing users of the two preceding systems can be migrated to the new system and the scope of function of the new system covers all functionalities of both preceding systems.


The redevelopment is based on the business logic of a previous system but has a completely new user interface and user guidance. The business logic is contained in the database in the form of PL-SQL procedures. The interface is redeveloped in Silverlight 4.0, based on the model view viewmodel pattern. It needs to be possible to work with several clients simultaneously in the same database. The basic configuration of the system is performed based on the client from the previous system.

Subject description

For a clinical laboratory, it is time-consuming to frequently adjust the laboratory information system (LIS), which may be very customer-specific. For this reason, "middleware" is used as the link between the instruments and the LIS. Middleware is less customer-specific and easier to install than an LIS. Furthermore, the middleware helps with the automation of work processes within a laboratory, with sample distribution, sample archiving, quality control and other functions that the LIS does not cover. The middleware is therefore like a band-aid that lengthens the service life of an LIS in a laboratory or can even function a backup in the event of the LIS failing.


Project period01.06.2010 - 31.12.2012

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