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Development of an application for configuration maintenance.

Project duration: 7 months

Brief description

Development of a maintenance application for a laboratory information system (LIS). The application supports the modifiaction of the LIS configuration parameters outside the parent application. The development also includes the implementation of an import/export interface.


An iterative procedure was chosen, based on a extensive scope of configuration parameters. First of all the different groups of configuration parameters were identified. A stack-like processing is much more effective than a mask-oriented procedure. Based on this priorization, the development task were assigned to the different iterations. The implementation phase consisted of business logic, GUI, as well the XSL scheme definition. The application based on Microsoft Excel 2003. It is implemented with VBA (Visual Basic for Applications). The import/export interface between the maintenance applicatin and the LIS is file based. XML is used as file format, with validation against a custom defined XSL-Schema.

Subject description

The maintenance application is provided to the support staff and the end-users of the LIS. It should simplify the configuration of the LIS and offer an familiar environment (Excel) for the user. The configuration process of the LIS should be speed up and the configuration of the LIS are made portable to other sites of a laboratory network.


Project period01.09.2007 - 31.03.2008

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