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Development of an EEG settlement system

Project duration: 11 months

Brief description

Designing and developing an object-oriented application (2-tier architecture) for the long-term implementation of the system-side tasks of a transmission provider in the context of the amendments to the Renewable Energy Sources Act in the electricity sector from July 21st, 2004 (EEG).


The EEG application helps to record and calculate infeed and output to and from a transmission provider's transmission network, in the context of the EEG. The resulting energy flows are mapped in schedules. Furthermore, all the data required to settle the monthly advance payments and create the end-of-year invoices is identified. An integrated letter action tool controls correspondence and electronic notification. The Java application is designed and implemented as a "fat client" solution (2-tier) but it fulfills the requirements for a simple migration to a "rich client" solution (n-tier). This migration shall take place subsequently, with SAP WebAS 6.40 to be used in the framework of NetWeaver 04.

Subject description

The application supports the transmission provider in carrying out nationwide balancing control in accordance with EEG in the following tasks: Recording and settling the energy quantities received by the distribution system operators Horizontal adjustment: Proportionate distribution of the received energy and the reimbursement provided between the transmission providers Vertical adjustment: Proportionate transfer and settling of the received electricity to power supply companies supplying end consumers


Project period01.09.2004 - 31.07.2005

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