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Development of applications and stories with the SAP Analytics Cloud for Purchasing Controlling

Brief description

Development of models, applications and stories based on SAP BW data sources with SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC). Integration of various BW data sources via flat file upload into an import data model on the SAC.


After integrating the various data sources via a BW query and after establishing the import connection to BW, the flat file upload could be replaced by import from BW. On the basis of the import model, the development of various applications and stories for different reporting and analysis scenarios then took place.

Subject description

An established Excel-based reporting from various BW data sources isreplaced by a modern dashboard based on SAP Analytics Cloud. In the second step, the various BW data sources are merged into one data source and the BW is directly connected to the SAC. The data from the BW is loaded into an import model and further customized according to customer needs. Based on this model, different applications and stories are created for different analysis purposes. These dashboards or applications allow the customer to analyze relevant issues in the data set at a glance. The changes resulted in time savings in analysis and better communication among the areas accessing the same database.


Project start03.01.2022

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Marcus Rödiger

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