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Development of ELT processes for building a data warehouse (DWH) according to the business object mo

Brief description

The goal of the project is, in addition to the improvement or optimization of existing processes for the development of a new Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDWH) according to the Business Object Model (BOM), the development of new ETL or ELT routes. The PTA supports both the conception and implementation of the necessary architecture adjustments as well as the implementation of the ETL/ELT processes in order to provide users from the business departments with high-performance access to current data. The data is processed according to the business logic modeled in the Business Object Model (BOM).


With the help of suitable indexing mechanisms (PRIMARY INDEX, SECONDARY INDEX, JOIN INDEX, …), processes for weekly updating of database statistics and partitioning of large tables, runtime optimization of all ETL/ELT and query processes on Teradata is achieved. In addition, dedicated LOAD views bypass read locks and significantly reduce the load during so-called delta pulls on the DWH. The PTA supports the implementation and testing of these techniques for mapping efficient ETL/ELT routes and also helps to define best practices for the development of the functions and mappings in the Oracle Data Integrator (ETL/ELT tool).

Subject description

Processing large amounts of data with complex business logics is computationally intensive. By optimizing the ELT/ETL routes that map these logics, users from the business departments can be granted access to current data in day-to-day business. Simplifying and standardizing the processes implemented to date improves error handling and makes the development of new processes more efficient. This also helps to reduce downtime as a result of reprocessing and runtimes when connecting sources.

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