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Development of services for storing metadata

Brief description

New development of a Java Spring boot backend for managing metadata. An existing old software is replaced by the newly developed software. We support both the conceptual design of the services and the final implementation with Java. Communication with the services happens via a REST API and partly with the CQRS pattern.


The services access a POSTGRESQL database located in a cloud. JDBI is used to communicate with the database. The writing changes are triggered by the frontend via commands. The CQRS pattern is used here to create atomic events from the commands. Reversibility is also guaranteed for all events by always generating a reverse action and reverse payload. The structure of the backend follows the MVC pattern. Unit tests are implemented using Mockito and JUnit.

Subject description

The project serves as a blueprint for a larger, but structurally similar, follow-up project and is intended to underpin the feasibility and principles of implementation. The users of the software have the possibility to manage the metadata for the tariff data of life insurance companies. It is important that it is possible to restore data statuses at any point in time.


Project start01.05.2022

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