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Digitalisation Order2Cash

Project duration: 7 months

Brief description

The customer has been growing by 100% annually for several years and will continue this growth rate in the coming years. This 'hypergrowth' is not manageable despite the intensive staff expansion. Therefore, the client has designed and is implementing a digitalization and automation strategy. A key component is the redesign, definition and implementation of business processes under the premise of optimizing the existing process with the highest possible degree of automation. In this project, the end-to-end core process Order2Cash is optimized and automated. PTA supports with its expertise regarding the business process as well as the methodological competences in modeling the process in BPMN2.0. The latter includes the definition of the requirements to the ERP tool Microsoft Business Central and to all interfaces used by the process. In parallel, PTA is introducing process-based test management for the functional acceptance tests.


The customer uses the standard ERP software Microsoft Business Central (BC). The Order2Cash process is mapped end to end in BC, i.e. all process participants from sales to logistics to accounting work in BC, which is installed on-premise. Because BC was only introduced about a year ago, there are still various Excel lists that are relevant for the Order2Cash process in addition to the process flow in BC. These Excel lists will be replaced by this project. Based on its technical expertise and ERP knowledge, the PTA defines the Order2Cash target process together with the customer's specialist department and models it in BPMN2.0 in the Visual Paradigm tool. In the process model, the business requirements and interfaces are visualized, which are the basis for the user stories that the ERP service provider implements in BC. In addition, the test cases and scenarios are derived from the process model to generate the business acceptance tests.

Subject description

After the introduction of Microsoft Business Central (BC), the customer initially mapped the Order2Cash process. This initial process is highly manual and contains various media discontinuities because various source systems have not yet been connected and Excel lists are still used, for example for capacity planning of goods. The transfer of the complete Order2Cash to the BC by resolving the media discontinuities and replacing the Excel lists is the basis for the subsequent high-percentage automation of the process.


Project periodProjektzeitraum11.11.2020 - 31.05.2021

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